• Must email us to request a new patient appointment. We are currently booked out about 2 months, however can try to accommodate urgent requests as needed. 
  • More onboarding information available here
  • Scope of practice available here


  • We no longer have our website scheduling page, and kindly request you schedule through the onpatient app or onpatient website. 
  • If you don't have a login- request that we re-send you one.
  • Very self explanatory, can schedule in-person, virtual or a cosmetic visit this way. 




  • Using insurance for labs?? Make sure to send us updated insurance information ahead of time so we can send you lab orders to the appropriate lab.
  • New patients need a virtual or in-person visit prior to ordering labs so we can get optimal ordering and reduce redundancy and 2nd lab draws for missed items. 
  • Paying out of pocket for labs?? order your labs here at a discounted price.


  • Dr. Shaya can analyze your 23&me or Ancestry raw data in PureGenomics website as part of your office visit
  • You would need to email your raw data zip file before your office visit with Dr. Shaya

  • PureGenomic is a personalized approach to nutrition—a first-of-its-kind. It's a nutrigenomics service dedicated to empowering you  with simple, reliable, and actionable genomic information.

  • Sample report here


  • Coming in to talk about your hormones? You can get your salivary or urine hormones tested ahead of time - takes about 2 weeks to get them back. Order them here.


  • Payment can be made over the phone, or online if you are connected to portal with us (we have to invite you). Also you can download the credit card form and fax/email it in, we will keep it on file per your instructions for the future.
  • Don't forget we accept HSA cards for services and products. 

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