Tayma Shaya M.D. IFMCP

  • 15 min visit M.D. $100
  • 30 min visit M.D. $180
  • 45 min visit M.D. $265
  • 60 min visit M.D. $350
  • 90 min Functional Medicine visit $525
  • 120 min Functional Medicine visit $700
  • Medical record review billed by the hour


  • Inject home meds $20
  • Urinalysis $20
  • EKG $30
  • B12 (methyl-B12) shot $30
  • Decadron steroid shot  $30
  • Rocephin antibiotic  shot $30
  • Nebulizer treatment $30
  • Pregnancy test $35
  • Flu test $35
  • Strep swab $35
  • Ear pierce incl. 14k studs $60
  • Ear wash $90
  • Abscess drainage $75-$150
  • Skin tag/skin lesion removal $75-$150


  • Control refill RX $10
  • Shipping fee $10
  • Phlebotomy fee $15
  • FMLA paperwork $25
  • No-show fee $75 
  • Repeat no-show fee $100
  • Return check fee $30
  • Notary fee $25
  • After hours fee/urgent care $200
  • We accept all forms of payment : Visa, Mastercard, Discover, flex spending, HSA, check, and of course cash.

  • If you prefer to leave a credit card on file, please fill this out and email to

  • Payment is due at the time of service.

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What is a "Functional Medicine" visit?

Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.. A typical visit is 90 - 120 minute visit with Dr. Shaya for a new or established patient, taking a deep dive into your health and wellness journey, looking at factors leading up to the point that you are today. I look at the circumstances surrounding your birth, travel history, occupational or other exposure history, stressors, review of supplements you are taking with recommendations on adjusting them, weight over your lifetime, menstrual history (F), and more.  We review what you are eating (or not eating), cooking, ordering out etc. 

Who should schedule a "Functional Medicine" visit? 

These types are visits are comprehensive for the motivated patient who is ready to make changes, and needs some tools to get there. These visits are also for patient who are preparing to make changes and need a strategy session to help motivate them. Pretty much anyone. Patients coming in for Hashimoto's or thyroid disease evaluation or autoimmune diseases are considered functional medicine patients. 

Are you a new patient?

All new patients who are looking for primary care doctor to do pap smears, manage birth control, refill thyroid medications, but not ready for a functional medicine visit are 60 minute visits. I will review labs/records and do a comprehensive evaluation of your medical issues, as well as collaborate with you on a health plan. If you have specialists you see, I can send them a summary of our visit if you request.  

Do you need a physical, wellness, pap smear, or pre-op clearance?

All physicals are scheduled for 60 minutes. We review labs/refill prescriptions/manage chronic conditions as well as order radiology as needed. 

How much is it to have an abscess drained?

Skin procedures such as abscess drainage, skin tag removal, mole removal are billed by time. On average they take about 30 minutes. Pathology is sent to lab and billed to insurance.

Do you need follow up on chronic health conditions (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, mood issues, gut issues, autoimmune issues etc)?

Most folks are between 30 minutes to an hour. If we only see you once a year, chances are that we have a lot to catch up on- schedule 60 minutes. If we see you quarterly schedule 30 minutes is average. These can be done both for in person and virtually.

Do you need a prescription refill for ADD meds, birth control, etc?

Schedule a 30 minute in person or virtualvisit.

How about a sinus infection, urine infection, cough , cold, flu, rash, skin infection, acne, or similar?

Schedule a 15 minute in-person or virtual visit. 


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