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We realize you may not know exactly what you need, however take your best guess, we will contact you if we have any clarifications.

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  • Fill in the form and submit
  • Requisition will be sent to you by us the next business day
  • Download the Labcorp patient app  (or go to the website)
  • Make an appointment with Labcorp for phlebotomy
  • Schedule your appointment with Dr. Shaya 
  • Dr. Shaya almost always uses Labcorp unless your insurance insists on Quest (you will usually know this info)
  • In the app you will be able to see results in real time, as well as view all previous results from prior providers. 
  • If you need cash pay pricing- click here and don't fill this form out. You can pre-pay for labs with us and our fantastic negotiated pricing and not go through your insurance. 



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