In an effort to streamline the onboarding process, we suggest you do the following:

◻︎To establish as a new patient- please email us at subject New Patient Request. 

◻︎Collect your medical records (allow 2 weeks for this)

  • You can have other providers fax/email records by using our medical record release form- click here
  • You can bring them into your office visit and we can scan them to your chart.
  • You can tell us where to find your records, and we can access MD Anderson, Houston Methodist, Memorial Hermann, and Texas Children's/Womens Pavillion and UTMB electronically. 
  • You can download a summary from your providers electronic medical records (or ask your provider to do this and email to us)
    • If they are on Epic, they may be using MyChart central- click here for instructions
    • If you can download in HL-7 format, we can directly upload to our EMR (drchrono)
  • We do not order labs ahead of time for new patients. Need to be seen first. 
  • Read FAQ's here

◻︎Complete family history form - (focused on cancer and autoimmune history) you can either bring to your appointment, or email to us ahead of time. Click here to download.

◻︎Sign up with onpatient portal . Once you have an appointment, you will be invited to our portal called onpatient. Wait for the email from us and follow the link in the email. You have 7 days from the time you receive the email to sign up. If you miss the window, let us know and we can resend the invite. ►Don't sign up for onpatient outside of our invite. It won't connect you to us. 

◻︎Browse the questionnaires on this page and fill out the ones you feel would be the most helpful to our visit. Bring them to your visit, or upload to the portal. 

◻︎If insured, send us a copy of the front and back of your card- can upload to portal

◻︎Upload a copy of your drivers license in a message to us from the portal. 

◻︎Make a list of supplements you are on, brand, and quantity you take, how long you've been on them. You can bring this in to your appointment, email us a list, or load as attachment in the portal. Alternatively, you can upload pictures of the labels of the supplements you take (upload to portal). 

◻︎Make a list of medications you are on, quantity and duration . Who is prescribing what? You can bring this in to your appointment, email us a list, or load as attachment in the portal.

◻︎Send us your 23&me or Ancestry raw data zip file You can email it to

At this time, the questionnaire's are fill-in forms. In the future we hope to have them embedded in your medical record. 

Everyone fill out the Medical Symptom Questionnaire

These are all optional, depending on your health history and situation


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